Meteor Cube

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Three Simple Controls, Challenging Strategy

You control gameplay in Meteor Cube by tapping on three things: tanks, gates and target frames. Meteor Cube is turn based, which gives gameplay a fun cadence. When you tap on a tank or gate during the current turn, you'll highlight it. In the next turn, your tank will make a cube or your gate will open or close. Plan your moves carefully. Meteor Cube's strategy becomes increasingly challenging as you progress into combat levels.


Tap tanks to release a cube. Open and close gates to make paths on your board. Cubes will move by their own nervous energy on an open path. By changing which gates are open or closed, you can move a cube to a different part of your board or you can hold a cube in one particular place.

Cubes on the same open path will combine. Different color cubes will mix to create new colors. Combine two different primary colors - red, blue, and yellow - to create orange, green, or purple cubes. Combine orange, green, and purple cubes in pairs to create a black cube. Black cubes are "über".

Be careful with the cube colors you mix. Any other combination will produce a dangerous and infectious white cube. A black uber cube can capture and defeat invading white cubes and can repel other enemy attacks. Cubes come in different sizes.

Cubes that become larger than size five cannot be controlled.

Do not let your cubes get too big or they will enrage and jump gates. You can learn these mechanics in three short and guided tutorial levels included in the game.

Repelling Enemy Attacks

In mission and combat levels, enemies will drop one of three damaging payloads on your board: a white cube, a drain, or a crater. Your enemy's icon will appear over your board, warning you where the attack will land.

Your enemy's icon will only appear for a short time before dropping its payload. Before the payload hits your board, make sure you move your cubes to the best position to repel the attack. After your enemy drops its payload, your board will show the attack.

Repelling and defeating enemy attacks will cost you resources. Every time that you repel an attack, you simultaneously return fire and send the same type of attack back at your enemies. The game has three guided missions, one for each type of attack, so you can hone your skills.

White Cube Attacks

Your black uber cubes can defeat invading white cubes. As long as your black uber cube is the same size as or bigger than a white cube, your uber cube will defeat it. An uber cube will lose one size when it defeats a white cube. A white cube will infect and consume a smaller black cube. White invader cubes will devour every other color cube even if the other cube is larger! If a white cube becomes larger than size five, it will enrage and look like the white cube below.

An enraged zombie will jump gates and will devour things in its path. If this happens, it may be time to restart the game.

Drain Attacks

A drain will swallow up and destroy any of your cubes that wander into it. Drains have an indicator that shows the color and minimum size cube that will plug the drain.

In this example, you will need a size two or larger green cube. The cube you use will lose one size when it plugs the drain. If another attack lands on a drain before you remove it, the drain may become permanent.

Crater Attacks

A crater will create a sinkhole on your board trapping smaller cubes that wander into it. When a crater attack lands on your board, it will spawn a quake. A crater can only be removed with black uber cubes and will have an indicator showing the minimum size cube that will heal it.

In this example, you will need a black uber cube size three or bigger. The cube you use will lose one size when it heals the crater. If another attack lands on a crater - or if another quake hits a crater - before you remove it, the crater may become permanent.

Replenishing Resources With Game Patterns

Arrange cubes on your board to match game patterns shown in the upper left corner. A white line marks a bonus pattern that will grow your cubes. Match these three element patterns in any order or direction with your cubes.

The top pattern is current. The bottom pattern is next. When you make a bonus pattern with your cubes, your white line cube will grow and add to your resources. Match game patterns with your cubes directly on the board or by wrapping your color combinations around the board’s edges. Match a bonus pattern multiple times for big gains in cube resources from one pattern. Bigger cubes can climb steps. But don't let them get too big or they will jump gates.

Recycling Cubes To Tanks

Colored matching gates line the front of the board. Run your cubes through open matching gates to return them to an empty tank or a tank containing the same color that has available space. If there is no available tank space, you will lose a cube when it goes through a matching gate. If you empty it, a tank will become available for a new color.

Tutorials, Missions and Combat

Tutorial levels are for learning. They include optional tutorial hints that will guide you through the game's mechanics. Mission levels are for training. They teach how to handle each specific type of attack: white cubes, drains and craters. Combat levels are battles that will require all of your skills. Each combat level increases in difficulty.

Settings and Options

Tap the settings icon to open the options menu. The menu lets you control several game features. The sound slider lets you choose which game sounds you want to hear ranging from only warnings to informational sounds too. You can turn game music on or off. The graphics slider lets you set how your device renders the game ranging from basic to high resolution. With the orbit slider, you can set screen orbiting to off, snapping, sticky or saved. You can also show or hide character nametags and game hints. If you select reset missions and then confirm in the warning pop up, all of your current progress will be erased and you'll start the game over.

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