Meteor Cube

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Marshal your cube army to attack invaders!


Tap your tanks to make cubes. Open or close gates on the game board to make paths. A cube will move on a path by its own nervous energy. Cubes on the same path will combine.


Mix different color cubes to create new colors, including a powerful black uber cube. Grow your cube army by moving cubes on the board to match bonus patterns.


A black uber cube can attack invading white cubes. Do this before they enrage into zombies. In addition to white cube invaders, your cubes also defend against drain and crater attacks that punch and twist your game board. For every crater, drain and white cube invader that you defeat, you also launch a return attack at your enemies.

Let the galactic volley begin!

Meteor Cube is a fun game with simple rules and a challenging strategy.

The game includes learning, training, and increasingly difficult combat missions.

Play from your phone, tablet, laptop or PC with mouse or touch.

Get it on Google Play Get it from Microsoft